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The Empire of  Magical Thought

330 - 968 - 4946
an Empire of magical thoughtvisit Empire!

135 E. Main St.,  Kent, Ohio, 44240
The Empire of Magical Thought is the brick and mortar store for  The Henna Page , Henna for Hair and more.
Free henna body art, tarot, palm, or astrological reading with minimum purchase in store.  Call 330 - 968 - 4946 for hours.
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Horn amulets

Bone and Horn Amulets

with Blessings, Myths,
and Spirits

Angel Wings

Wings of
Ancient Angels

Horn Earrings: symbols of  beings who offer
guidance and inspiration


Amulet Earrings

with Blessings,
Myths, and Spirits

Gauged and Faux-Gauged
Black horn earrings

Bone and Horn Earrings

with Blessings, Myths,
and Spirits
Saint's crosses

Crosses of Ancient Saints

Hand carved pale horn
symbols of idealists, martyrs, and people who truly cared


Empire has handcrafted
lucky charms to
watch over you
and bring you luck!
Tarot Decks

Tarot cards

Browse two hundred
 decks at Empire, and
talk to tarot readers
about their favorites!
Crystal Pens

Crystal Pens

Inscribe magical thoughts with handblown crystal pens.
Amber and Oud

Amber, Oud, Sandalwood,

and Rose Solid Perfumes




Adopt a baby zombie!
Henna Supplies

Henna Supplies

Empire has everything a henna artist needs!  Books, supplies,
fresh henna paste, and expert advice.


Bakhoor is the incense
traditionally used for the
Night of the Henna
and other ceremonies.
Call customer service

Need help with a product?
Call Customer Service:

1-855-MEHANDI or


Hand crafted for discerning wizards; apprentice through
expert models available.



Empire's crystals can
be ‘charged’ to carry
your personal magic.

Henna Cones

Henna Cones

Empire has henna made
fresh, frozen, and ready
for you to work
your henna magic!
Tarot card readings2

Tarot and
Psychic Readings

Free psychic readings
with minimum purchase.
Free Henna Body Art

Free Henna Body Art

with minimum purchase
Murano jewels

Hand Blown Murano Glass Jewels

Empire has beautiful bits
of color and light  frozen in time!
Body glitter

Body Glitter

Dazzle your body,
dazzle your henna!



Temptu is safe,
temporary tattoo paint.
Mehron Gold Silver

Mehron Gold/Silver

Empire has Mehron
Metallics; gold, silver,
shimmering metallic
body paint for
henna artists and others.
Call customer service

Need help with a product?
Call Customer Service:

1-855-MEHANDI or
Gilding Powder
Create your own makeup
and henna gilding paste
Mehron Paradise

Mehron Paradise

Empire has professional
quality theatrical
body art products.

Henna for Hair

Henna for Hair

Empire has everything from that you need to henna your hair;  henna, indigo, buxus, cassia, shampoos, and expert advice.

The Ghost at Empire

The Ghosts at Empire

Many people report
sensing ghosts at Empire.
What will YOU find
at Empire?  


Hand Made Chocolate Art

Want to buy something from Empire's got it on the shelf, and much more!  
Temporary Tattoo paint

Temporary Tattoo Paint

Safe, durable brush-on temporary tattoo paint ... use your skill and genius to create durable wearable art!
hair sticks

Hand Carved Hair Sticks
Lock Ties

Hand Carved Lock Ties

Hand Carved Combs


Hand Carved Combs for Curls


Hand Carved Barrettes

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