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Amber perfume

Empire's handcrafted perfumes are made of pure oud, sandalwood, amber, musk, roses, and other fragrant woods and flowers.  

These perfumes are very pure and condensed, so the scent will linger on your skin for hours.  These perfumes have no alcohol,  no synthetic fragrances and no preservatives, so if you have had to give up on scent because of chemical sensitivities, you can have your loveliness back again!

We regret that you cannot smell these wonderful fragrances through your computer, nor can we sufficiently describe them to you!  They are all heavenly! We have named them for the joys and blessings they elicit:  wisdom, beauty, paradise, generosity, peace, strength ... even victory and eternity.

Choose the blessings you desire from these perfumes , and enjoy the magic of the fragrance!   
Amber Perfumes

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Sundara: Beautiful

Beauty is truth and truth is beauty. Wear Sundara so others will see your true beauty and your beautiful truth.

Sundara Solid Perfume, 8g = $4.99  #3878

Aatapa: Sunlight

Aatapa is the source of all life, the source of inspiration. Wearing Aatapa will remind you of the gentle warmth of dappled sunlight peeking through the leaves, soft against your skin. Wear Aatapa when you desire the quiet dawn of new ideas.

Aatapa Solid Perfume, 8g = $4.99  #3879

Kaarpaasa: Cotton

Mahatma Gandhi elevated the fragile thread of cotton to a symbol of strength and self-sufficiency. Cotton also represents simplicity rather than luxury. Wear Kaarpaasa to simplify your life and enhance your self-reliance. Kaarpaasa will help you become all you are meant to be.

Kaarpaasa Solid Perfume, 8g = $4.99  #3880

Kovidaara: The Trees of Paradise

Paradise is both universal and individual, the garden of heaven and the garden of earthly delights. It is here and now, and it is what we seek hereafter. Wear Kovidaara to find your paradise—wherever it might be.

Kovidaara Solid Perfume, 8g = $4.99  #3881

Sunita: Wisdom

Sunita is the infinite river of strength and wisdom. Wear Sunita to release your mind from petty constraints. Wisdom is strong. Wisdom is silent. Wisdom is within. Wisdom is within you.

Sunita Solid Perfume, 8g = $4.99  #3882

Prasad: Generosity

Prasad is a state of mind that shows spontaneous generosity and bestows of gifts and favors to all. Prasad will help you practice random kindness and senseless acts of beauty every day to everyone you meet.

Prasad Solid Perfume, 8g = $4.99  #3883

Zaarada: The White Lotus

The roots of the lotus are in the mud, the stem is in the water, but the beautiful white flower rises above the muck and the mire to blossom in the sun. Zaarada represents spiritual perfection and mental purity. Wear Zaarada to help you on your spiritual journey and purify your mind.

Zaarada Solid Perfume, 8g = $4.99  #3884

Jyoti: Brightness

Jyoti is the brightness of the moon, of the secret spirit within. Jyoti is radiant and lovely, mysterious and ineffable. Wear Jyoti to shine in the dark places of the world, illuminating the path to Somewhere Else.

Jyoti Solid Perfume, 8g = $4.99  #3885

Zara: Cream

Zara is the cream skimmed from fresh milk. Rich and flavorful, this cream represents both purity and hard work. Wear Zara to purify your mind and focus your intentions on the rich rewards of a job well done.

Zara Solid Perfume, 8g = $4.99  #3886

Vana: The Forest of Abundance

Vana is the forest where Hanuman reigns as King of Monkeys. Hanuman helped Lord Rama rescue his beloved wife Sita from her abductor, the evil demon Ravana. Vana also represents abundance. Wear Vana to gain the strength of kings to subdue the evil that threatens your serenity.

Vana Solid Perfume, 8g = $4.99  #3887

Amala: Shining Mountain Crystal

Like quartz crystals, Amala can be used to aid meditation and visualization. Breathe in the scent and focus your mind, visualizing peace, serenty, success, love, energy, or wisdom. Use Amala with your favorite crystal or by itself and gain peace and wisdom.

Amala Solid Perfume, 8g = $4.99  #3888

Kharjura: date palm tree, silver

In ancient times, palm trees represented triumph and victory. It also stands as the silvery link between the heavens and the earth. Wear Kharjura to celebrate your personal victories and remain connected to the eternal.

Kharjura Solid Perfume, 8g = $4.99  #3889

Yaada Iza: The Sea

Dangerous, beautiful, unchanging, and everchanging. The sea represents both the boundary and the freedom from boundaries. Wear Yaada Iza to hear the song of the mermaids and to gain the strength of the sea to break free—or to stand your ground.

Yaada Iza Solid Perfume, 8g = $4.99  #3890

Chandana: Sandalwood

Sandalwood, the tree of mystery and insight, represents vitality. Revered for its intoxicating scent, sandalwood is used by mystics to unite the senses and awaken life energies. Wear Chandana for meditation, for concentration, for life.

Chandana Solid Perfume, 8g = $4.99  #3891

Madhuulika: Sweet and Pungent

For the extreme personality, Madhuulika is up and down, left and right, masculine and feminine, dark and light, sweet and pungent. Wear Madhuulika to get in touch with your other side.

Madhuulika Solid Perfume, 8g = $4.99  #3892

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“In the magical universe there are no coincidences  and there are no accidents.   Nothing happens unless someone wills it to happen.”
William S. Burroughs

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