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Hand Carved Horn Earrings with
Myth, Magic and Imagination

Amulet earrings

Beautify and adorn yourself with Spellstone amulet tribal earrings designed by Alex Morgan.  These are hand carved in Viet Nam of domestic light water buffalo horn, some with abalone inlay. These earrings pendants are 4 to 6 cm long depending on design. They will arrive in a gift box, ready to present to someone you love, or as a blessing to yourself for a special occasion.  Every one has a spirit implicit in the design.

Gauged earrings are sold at Empire only, so you can be certain they fit.

Faux gauged earrings will be available for online ordering soon!

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Lotus: Purity and Enlightenment

Lotus is a symbol of purity and enlightenment.  Lotus is rooted in mud, and rises through murky water to blossom in the sun, releasing perfume into the air.  Thus it symbolizes the journey to realization of your natural enlightened state, beyond illusions of limitation and separateness
Black Lotus2

Black Lotus Faux Gauge Earrings = $39.99 #7462


Amber Lotus Faux Gauge Earring = $39.99 #7461

Tulips: Hope

Tulips bloom in the early spring
as the snows melt away, symbolizing hope.
Black Tulip

Black Tulips Faux Gauge Earrings = $39.99


Amber Tulips Faux Gauge Earrings = $39.99

Octopus: Octiva

The octopus is symbolic of mystery and emotion. Octopus can change its shape to fit through the smallest opening.  It lives in the deep watery realm of emotion, and brings dexterity and the ability to adapt.  
Black Octiva

Octiva Black Faux Gauge Earrings = $39.99  #7491

Amber Octiva

Octiva Amber Faux Gauge Earrings = $39.99  #7489

Blossoms: Embrace Love
and Growth

is a symbol of innocence, tenderness, and readiness to embrace love and growth.  

Black Blossoms

Blossom black horn faux gauge earrings = $39.99  #7411

Pale Blossoms

Blossom amber horn faux gauge earrings = $39.99  #7424

Thorn Flower: Sacrifice for Love

is a symbol of passion and the sacrifice necessary for love.

Black Thorn Flower

Thorn Flower black faux gauge earrings = $39.99  #7430

Amber Thorn Flower

Thorn Flower amber faux gauge earrings = $39.99  #7435

Wyvern wings

Wyvern Claws: Magical Creation

are scarce and difficult to obtain.  They may seem small and undistinguished, but are crucial when constructing magical creations of great power.

Wyvern Claws black faux gauge earrings = $39.99  #7456


Tree Serpent: The Journey to Wisdom

is a symbol of the journey from innocence and ignorance into consciousness and wisdom.  The serpent and the struggle to climb the tree are simultaneously perilous and divine.

Tree Serpent black faux gauge earrings = $39.99   #7439

Peacock Feathers: Immortality

Peacock Feathers symbolize both immortality and renewal. A pair of peacocks guard the Gates of Paradise, and the eyes on the tips of their feathers will dispel all curses. Wear these peacock feathers when you wish to connect with the Eternal or approach Paradise.

These earrings are inlaid with abalone shell.

Black Peacock

Black Peacock Feather Faux Gauge Earrings = $39.99  #7493

About Water Buffalo Horn

   Water Buffalo from Viet Nam

Water buffaloes are domestic farm animals across Asia.  They are loved as a working member of the family and  valued as a tractor or family car.  Water buffaloes are never killed or harmed to just harvest their horns.  When a farmer's water buffalo dies at the end of a long and productive life, all parts, including the horns, are harvested and put to good use so nothing is ever wasted.  
In the Odyssey, polished horn is symbolic: true dreams and visions pass through gates of polished horn  (book 19, lines 560-569) 
Ξειν’, ἦ τοι μὲν ὄνειροι ἀμήχανοι ἀκριτόμυθοι
γίγνοντ’, οὐδέ τι πάντα τελείεται ἀνθρώποισι.
δοιαὶ γάρ τε πύλαι ἀμενηνῶν εἰσὶν ὀνείρωνˇ
αἱ μὲν γὰρ κεράεσσι τετεύχαται, αἱ δ' ἐλέφαντι,
τῶν οἳ μέν κ’ ἔλθωσι διὰ πριστοῦ ἐλέφαντος,
οἵ ῥ’ ἐλεφαίρονται, ἔπε’ ἀκράαντα φέροντεςˇ
οἱ δὲ διὰ ξεστῶν κεράων ἔλθωσι θύραζε,
οἵ ῥ’ ἔτυμα κραίνουσι, βροτῶν ὅτε κέν τις ἴδηται.
ἀλλ’ ἐμοὶ οὐκ ἐντεῦθεν ὀΐομαι αἰνὸν ὄνειρον
Stranger, dreams verily are baffling and unclear of meaning, and in no wise do they find fulfilment in all things for men. For two are the gates of shadowy dreams, and one is fashioned of horn and one of ivory. Those dreams that pass through the gate of sawn ivory deceive men, bringing words that find no fulfilment. But those that come forth through the gate of polished horn bring true issues to pass, when any mortal sees them.

These ornaments are Spellstone designs
 by Alex Morgan exclusively for
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“In the magical universe there are no coincidences  and there are no accidents.   Nothing happens unless someone wills it to happen.”
William S. Burroughs

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