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Amulets with Spirits and Blessings
Designed by Spellstone

black horn pendants

Beautify and adorn yourself with Spellstone amulets designed by Alex Morgan.  These are hand carved in Viet Nam of domestic water buffalo horn and bone, some with shell and abalone inlay. The pendants are 2.5 to 6 cm long depending on design. They will arrive on a silken cord, in a gift box, ready to present to someone you love, or as a gift to yourself for a special occasion.  Every one has a blessing implicit in the design.  They will arrive in a gift box, ready to present to someone you love, or as a gift to yourself for a special occasion.  Spellstone pendants are designed and crafted exclusively for!


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About Water Buffalo Horn    Water Buffalo from Viet Nam

Water buffaloes are domestic farm animals across Asia.  They are loved as a working member of the family and  valued as a tractor or family car.  Water buffaloes are never killed or harmed to just harvest their horns.  When a farmer's water buffalo dies at the end of a long and productive life, all parts, including the horns, are harvested and put to good use so nothing is ever wasted.  
The Key to Eternal Life

Ankh symbolizes the union between Male and Female that brings life.  It carries the promise of cyclic renewal.  Wearing it is a strong affirmation of belief in the renewal of Life, from year to year, or lifetime to lifetime.  3.5 cm

Ankh Black Horn Spellstone Pendant = $15.99    #7504

Ankh Amber Horn Spellstone Pendant = $15.99   #7505S

Ankh Bone Spellstone Pendant = $15.99   #7506
Crux Ansata:
a form of Ankh,
The Key to Eternal Life

Ankh symbolizes the union between Male and Female that brings life.  It carries the promise of cyclic renewal.  Wearing it is a strong affirmation of belief in the renewal of Life, from year to year, or lifetime to lifetime.   4.75 cm

C4rux Ansata

Crux Ansata Amber Horn Spellstone Pendant =  $15.99  #7514


Crux Ansata Bone Spellstone Pendant =  $15.99  #7515 

Crux Ansata

Crux Ansata Black Horn Spellstone Pendant =  $15.99  #7513
Peace and Serenity

Dove surrounds you with the pure white light of peace and serenity.  Dove helps you stay calm and approach any encounter with a compassionate heart.

Bone Dove

 Dove Bone Spellstone Pendant = $20.99  #7518

Amber dove

 Dove Amber Horn Spellstone Pendant = $20.99 #7517 


Dove Black Spellstone Pendant = $20.99  #7516
Love and Devotion

Real love is not an emotion, but a steadfast soul promise that weathers the storms of life and emotion without wavering.  Heart opens you to the depth, strength, acceptance and commitment of real love.  4 cm

Charm Black Horn Spellstone Pendant = $15.99  #7507
Preparedness and Cleverness

Wear Squirrel when you need to gather and store your resources for a rainy day.   Squirrel's diligence allows you to discover treasures that remain hidden to others. Its agility and cleverness allow you to think quickly in any situation.  3.75 cm 


Squirrel Black Horn Pendant Spellstone =   $15.99  #7597
Bpne Squirrel

 Squirrel Bone Pendant Spellstone =   $15.99  #7599 
Amber Squirrel

Squirrel  Amber  Horn Spellstone Pendant =  $15.99  #7598S  
ON SPECIAL  $11.99
 Queen and Mother
of Evil Dragons

Tiamat brings the fierce protection of a mother to projects you are nurturing, helping you stay true to your creative vision until you can bring it into being.  4.25 cm

Amber Tiamat

Tiamat Inlaid  Amber  Horn Spellstone Pendant = $20.99   #7605

bone Tiamat

Tiamat Inlaid  Bone Spellstone Pendant = $20.99  #7606


Tiamat Inlaid  Black Horn Spellstone Pendant = $20.99  #7604
Creature of
Imagination and Power

Draco is a symbol of eternal vigilance,  protecting that which is most precious against loss and destruction.  5 cm

bone Draco

Draco Inlaid Bone Spellstone Pendant =  $20.99 #7521

Amber Draco

Draco Inlaid Pale  Horn Spellstone Pendant =  $20.99 #7520


Draco Inlaid Black Horn Spellstone Pendant =  $20.99     #7519
Flight of Fancy
 and Fantasy

Elf wing gives the ability to take flight away from earth-bound realities and into the realm of fantasy and imagination.  Creative escape helps keep life in balance.  6 cm

Bone Elf Wing

 Elfin Bone Spellstone Pendant = $11.99  #7524S

Amber Elf wing

Elfin Amber  Horn Spellstone Pendant = $15.99  #7523


 Elfin Black Horn Spellstone Pendant = $15.99    #7522
Ancestral Wisdom and Magic

The skull is a symbol of the ancestors in many cultures.  It provides spiritual protection and wisdom from deep cultural memory.  3 cm

Bone Warlock

Warlock Bone Spellstone Pendant = 15.99  #7615   
Amber Warlock

Warlock Amber Horn Spellstone Pendant = $15.99 #7614


Warlock Black Horn Spellstone Pendant = $15.99    #7613
Hamsa Aatifah: 
a Symbol of Blessing
 and Protection

Aatifah means 'Affection, Kindness and Sympathy'

A hamsa brings blessings and shields against harmful energies.  Wear a hamsa to attract luck and ward off negativity.  5 cm


Hamsa Aatifah Black Horn Spellstone Pendant  =   $18.99   #7531

Aatifa bone

Hamsa Aatifah Bone Spellstone Pendant  =   $18.99  #7533

amber aatifah

Hamsa Aatifah Amber Horn Spellstone Pendant  =   $18.99  #7532S
Hamsa Rizqin:
a Symbol of Blessing
 and Protection

Rizqin means ‘Good Luck!’

A hamsa brings blessings and shields against harmful energies.  Wear a hamsa to attract luck and ward off negativity.  5 cm


Hamsa Rizqin Black Horn Spellstone Pendant  = $18.99   #7528

Amber Rizqin

Hamsa Rizqin Amber Horn Spellstone Pendant  = $18.99  #7529

Bone Rizqin

Hamsa Rizqin Bone Spellstone Pendant  = $18.99   #7530

A Powerful Mythic Creature

Wyvern's armor protects against malicious gossip and ill health, allowing you to stand strong against insult. Wyvern is the ultimate protector of health and reputation!  6 cm  
Amber Wyvern

Wyvern Pale Horn Spellstone Pendant =     $15.99  #7620  

bone wyvern

Wyvern Bone Spellstone Pendant = $15.99 #7621


Wyvern Black Horn Spellstone Pendant =     $15.99  #7619

OUT OF STOCK.  More arriving soon. 
Tree of Life: 
Garden of Paradise and Abundance

The Tree of Life bestows nourishment and abundance, as well as the knowledge of good and evil, wisdom and language.  As the source of paper and writing implements, it is a symbol for scholars.  5 cm  

Tree of Life

Tree of Life Bone Spellstone Pendant = $18.99  #7609

Tree of Life

Tree of Life Pale Horn Spellstone Pendan = $18.99   #7608

Tree of life

 Tree of Life Black Horn Spellstone Pendant = $18.99  #7607
Goddess of Abundance and Wealth

Lakshmi helps you move away from thoughts of scarcity and lack to an awareness of the richness that surrounds you.  3 cm  

Lakhsmi Black Horn Spellstone Pendant =  $15.99   #7537

Bone Lakshmi

Lakhsmi Bone Spellstone Pendant =  $15.99   #7539 

Amber Lakshmi

Lakhsmi Amber Horn Spellstone Pendant =  $15.99  #7538

Symbol of Mystery
and Emotion

Octopus can change its shape to fit through the smallest opening.  It lives in the deep watery realm of emotion, and brings dexterity and the ability to adapt.  Octopus will help you see your way through murky emotional situations.  4.5 cm

Amber Octopus

Octiva Amber Horn Spellstone Pendant  = $18.99  #7544S

Bone Octopus

Octavia Bone Spellstone Pendant  = $18.99  #7545


Octiva  Black Horn Spellstone Pendant  = $18.99   #7543
Symbol of Death and Rebirth

Bat is reborn each night out of deep caves, and thus symbolizes the initiatory process of symbolic death to the old way of life, and rebirth to the new.  2.75 cm

Amber Bat

Vesper Amber  Horn Spellstone Pendant  =   $15.99  #7611S

Bone Bat

Vesper bone Spellstone Pendant  =  $11.99   #7612


Vesper Black Horn Spellstone Pendant  =   $15.99   #7610

Sold out, more arriving soon!
Royalty, Visionary,
Transmuter of Poison

Peacock's brilliant tail feathers allow you to display your true worth. The many "eyes" give it the ability to see the many truths in reality. It was said that its regal colors come from  poisonous plants that it eats with no ill effects.   5 cm


Peacock Black Horn Spellstone Pendant = $18.99  #7549
Bone Peacock

Peacock Bone Spellstone Pendant = $18.99   #7551

Amber Peacock

Peacock Pale Horn Spellstone Pendant = $18.99   #7550
Mastery of the
Five Elements

Pentagram brings balance and connection between the esoteric elements of Air/Intellect, Fire/Will, Water/Emotion, Earth/Body, and Ether/Spirit.  4.5 cm

Amber Pentagram

Pentagram Amber Horn Spellstone Pendant = $18.99  #7553

Bone Pentagram

Pentagram Bone Spellstone Pendant = $18.99  #7554

An Anglo-Saxon Dragon

Aethelinda is a dragon is of noble lineage, protecting the transmission of power and knowledge through the ages. 4 cm 


Aethelinda Inlaid Black Horn Spellstone  Pendant = $20.99  #7501

Aethelinda Inlaid Bone Spellstone  Pendant = $20.99 #7503


Aethelinda Inlaid Amber  Horn Spellstone  Pendant = $20.99  #7502
Transformation and Renewal

Snakes shed their skin when they have outgrown it.  Wear Serpent when you need to slough off the old, outworn modes of being, and display a brand new, revitalized you.  4.5 cm  

bone Serpent

 Serpent Bone Spellstone Pendant =   $18.99   #7560  

Amber Serpent2

 Serpent Amber Horn Spellstone Pendant =   $18.99    #7559


Serpent Black Horn Spellstone Pendant =   $18.99   #7558
Hamsa Sadiah:
a Symbol of Blessing
and Protection

Sadiah means "Happy, Blissful, Fortunate and  Lucky'

A hamsa brings blessings and shields against harmful energies.  Wear a hamsa to attract luck and ward off negativity.


Hamsa Sadiah Inlaid Black Horn Spellstone Pendant =  $20.99  #7534
Symbol of Purity
and Enlightenment

Lotus is rooted in mud, and rises through murky water to blossom in the sun, releasing perfume into the air.  Thus it symbolizes the journey to realization of your natural enlightened state, beyond illusions of limitation and separateness.  4.25 cm


Lotus Inlaid Black Horn Spellstone Pendant =  $18.99     #7540

The Great Serpent that encircled and protected the World Egg.  It bites its own tail, symbolizing an eternal cycle without beginning or end, as in nature the death of each season brings the birth of the next.  3.5 cm


Ouroboros Inlaid  Black Horn Spellstone Pendant =  $20.99   #7546
Symbol of Universal Law

Crow stands for justice of a higher order, and helps you clearly discern right from wrong.  Wear crow when you need to take the high road and maintain your ethical standards.  4 cm 


Crow Black Horn Spellstone Pendant =  $15.99  #7510   

In the Odyssey, polished horn is symbolic: true dreams and visions pass through gates of polished horn  (book 19, lines 560-569) 
Ξειν’, ἦ τοι μὲν ὄνειροι ἀμήχανοι ἀκριτόμυθοι
γίγνοντ’, οὐδέ τι πάντα τελείεται ἀνθρώποισι.
δοιαὶ γάρ τε πύλαι ἀμενηνῶν εἰσὶν ὀνείρωνˇ
αἱ μὲν γὰρ κεράεσσι τετεύχαται, αἱ δ' ἐλέφαντι,
τῶν οἳ μέν κ’ ἔλθωσι διὰ πριστοῦ ἐλέφαντος,
οἵ ῥ’ ἐλεφαίρονται, ἔπε’ ἀκράαντα φέροντεςˇ
οἱ δὲ διὰ ξεστῶν κεράων ἔλθωσι θύραζε,
οἵ ῥ’ ἔτυμα κραίνουσι, βροτῶν ὅτε κέν τις ἴδηται.
ἀλλ’ ἐμοὶ οὐκ ἐντεῦθεν ὀΐομαι αἰνὸν ὄνειρον
Stranger, dreams verily are baffling and unclear of meaning, and in no wise do they find fulfilment in all things for men. For two are the gates of shadowy dreams, and one is fashioned of horn and one of ivory. Those dreams that pass through the gate of sawn ivory deceive men, bringing words that find no fulfilment. But those that come forth through the gate of polished horn bring true issues to pass, when any mortal sees them.

These ornaments are Spellstone designs
 by Alex Morgan exclusively for

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