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Bakhoor Ritual Incense from Yemen
traditionally used for the Night of the Henna, purification, blessing and Zar ceremonies

Bakhoor Kit

Bakhoor Ritual Incense Kit

Come to Empire and experience the scent that was believed to be the presence of God, spirits and saints.

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What is bakhoor?
  • Bakhoor is a traditional incense crafted in Yemen, highly valued in North Africa, the Arabian Peninsula, east Africa and the Middle East. It is handmade from Boswellia sacra resin and other fragrant woods, spices and natural oils, and  has been used for thousands of years for religious and social ceremonies.  It is prized for its lovely scent, and the calming and uplifting effect of the smoke. The fragrant smoke was believed to bring blessedness and to dispel malevolent spirits.  Bakhoor was used for the Night of the Henna celebration, to prepare a bride,  to enhance a woman's loveliness, to welcome guests, and for Zar ceremonies.
  • This incense is entirely hand made of natural ingredients: if you are allergic to the chemicals in commercial room deodorizers, bakhoor should bring you fragrance without discomfort.
your bakhoor kit 
How do you enjoy your bakhoor kit safely?

Open your kit and take out the tongs, charcoal, incense burner and stand, and bakhoor. Burn bakhoor in a well ventilated area because bakhoor produces more smoke than synthetic incenses.

 Put the incense burner on the wooden holder away from cloth or other flammable materials: your burner will get very hot!

light the charcoal
 Burn your bakhoor in a place where children cannot reach it.

Place charcoal on censer, and hold a flame to the charcoal in several places until it flickers and sparks.  Wrap the foil around your unused charcoal so it will stay fresh and light easily. 

   your charcoal will spark   

Your charcoal will spark as it lights.  If you need to move the charcoal, use the tongs, not your fingers.  The charcoal will become too hot to touch!
Let the charcoal burn a few minutes until you can see ash forming on the edges of the charcoal.  Place a little bakhoor on the charcoal: a piece the size of your fingernail or bottle cap is enough.  

put bakhoor on charcoal


The bakhoor will begin to melt and smoke.  If  you wish to add more bakhoor, remove bakhoor ash, or move the charcoal, use the tongs.  Don't burn your fingers!  

Relax and enjoy the beautiful patterns of fragrant smoke in the air, and savor the calming effect of the bakhoor.  
Do not leave your burning bakhoor unattended.  Extinguish charcoal completely before sleeping or leaving area.

Why was there a tradition of  burning bakhoor for a bride,  the Night of the Henna, for celebrations and Zar?

Bakhoor may have relaxed and calmed women because of the unique chemistry of Boswellia species: 

The sense of comfort and well being from the anti-anxiety and anti-depressant effects of the finest hand-blended natural bakhoor were interpreted as benevolent spirits bringing blessings, and malevolent spirits departing. 

Bakhoor was often paired with henna to make women feel beautiful and special, and may have helped them patiently enjoy the experience of an elaborate henna application.
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