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The Empire of  Magical Thought

330 - 968 - 4946
an Empire of magical thoughtvisit Empire!

135 E. Main St.,  Kent, Ohio, 44240

Psychic Readers at Empire: five minute readings FREE with minimum purchase;
Palmistry and Tarot.  Call for readers' schedules: 330 - 968 - 4946 

The psychic readers at Empire

Our current readers are Samantha and Catherine; their media are palmistry and tarot.   Who's reading today?  Follow us on our Facebook page: EmpireKent!  
Your free psychic reading will last three to five minutes.  Longer, private readings may be scheduled by private appointment with readers outside of Empire.

We hope you are delighted and surprised that your reading tells a story about your journey in life, your thoughts and relationships, your hopes and fears, your challenges and successes!  Your psychic  reading is for your amusement and entertainment purposes only; it will not diagnose any condition, foretell the future, or advise you in any way. 

Samantha is a psychic medium & holistic healer who has been offering her services for over 25 years. She provides tarot readings & spiritual guidance as well as crafting herbal bath, tea & essential oil blends customized for the client. She also conducts guided healing meditations, past life regressions and a monthly Full Moon Meditation for Peace.

Catherine looks into the palm of your hand and tells you your strengths, your successes, your abilities, and your challenges.  You'll be amazed at the accuracy of what she reads in your hand?  Is it magic?  How does she do it? 
Empire is the brick and mortar store for The Henna Page and Henna for Hair

Shop for henna supplies, chocolate, gifts, sweets. blessings, and wonder!

135 E. Main St.,  Kent, Ohio, 44240     330 - 968 - 4946 

“In the magical universe there are no coincidences  and there are no accidents.   Nothing happens unless someone wills it to happen.”
William S. Burroughs

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