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These creatures live in Squeelandia, a space in the Empire of Magical Thought.  Squeelish creatures are made of light and joy.  When they enter our world, they take shape as shining, colorful, metastable amorphous solid (otherwise known as lampworked glass), so we can hold them and enjoy their company.  

Squeelandia is not a physical place, it is an imaginary relational space.  It is space about five feet in front of you, about five feet off the ground, and slightly to the right of center, that always glows a little bit more brightly than everything else. When that bright space opens up to you,  the spot above your right ear tingles.  When you were a child, your invisible best friend lived in that space.  You can still visit Squeelandia, and the Squeelish who live there can help you have a lucky, happy, successful life, because they help you envision your future.  We have caught their shining light to keep their magic ready for you. 

These creatures are handcrafted of lead-free glass, and will arrive from Empire in a gift box with a necklace cord.  

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Kissa the Wizarding Cat

Kissa will bring you magic.

Kissa the wizarding cat brews spells in her belly. When she purrs, she is making magic!   Rub Kissa’s belly and she will brew magic for you!

Kissa the Wizarding Cat from Squeelandia = $4.99 #7885


Winnie the Fabulous Panda

Winnie will help you laugh at life.

Winnie the Fabulous panda will help you laugh at the preposterous, inexplicable, and ridiculous. When life makes no sense whatsoever, remember her magic initials, WTF, relax, and smile!  Winnie The Fabulous panda will help you cope with laughter and joy.

Winnie the Fabulous Panda from Squeelandia = $4.99  #7822

blue whooooo

Blue Whoooo Owl

Blue Whoooo is your friend the darkness.

Blue Whoooo watches over you during the night.  Blue Whoooo sings to you at midnight.  Blue Whoooo whispers to you in your sleep so you will wake up with new ideas in the morning.  Blue Whoooo is your wise nighttime companion.

BlueWhooooo Owl  from Squeelandia = $4.99  #7832

simi anne

Simi Anne Monkey

Simi is your Best Friend Forever

Simi Anne the monkey glows with energy and excitement about being your friend. Simi is your cheerleader, encouraging you to be happy, confident and successful.  Simi knows you’re the greatest, and will light up your life every day!

This monkey glows in the dark!

Simi Anne Monkey from Squeelandia $4.99  #7830


Naska the Spirit Frog

Naska will bring you health and peace

Naska, the spirit frog leaps from the pond, bringing the cleansing power of water onto the land. Naska will bless you with healing, comfort, tranquility, and joy.

Naska the Spirit Frog  from Squeelandia = $4.99  #7889


Ceffyl the Magical Horse of Swift Thought

Ceffyl will give power to your dreams and thoughts.

Let your dreams ride on swift Ceffyl, leaping with speed and grace.  Your thoughts will soar and be powerful; your words will be beautiful, persuasive, and eloquent. Ceffyl will carry you as far as your imagination can fly.

Ceffyl the Magical Horse  from Squeelandia = $4.99  #7886


Maneki Neko

Maneki Neko will bring customers to your business.

Maneki Neko, the good luck cat, beckons good fortune and wealth into your life.  Maneki is especially good at bringing customers to your business.   Wear Maneki Neko to attract good things to you!

Maneki Neko the Money Cat  from Squeelandia = $4.99  #7824

Temporarily sold out.
Lili Li

LiLi Li

Lili LI will bring you luck

LiLi Li is a lucky fish!  The Chinese character for carp (li 鲤) is pronounced the same as both the character (li 利) for "profit" and the character (li 力) for "strength" or "power". LiLi Li will help you overcome great obstacles and achieve your goals, as a fish must conquer when it swims upstream.

LiLi Li the Lucky Fish  from Squeelandia = $4.99  #7826

Kami Neko

Kami Neko

Kami Neko will protect you and bring you money.

Kami Neko, the wise and lucky spirit cat, raises both paws to protect you from misfortune.  She wears coin on her collar to bring wealth to you too!  Wear Kami Neko and she will bring you luck and money, and keep you safe from harm.

Kami Neko the Lucky Cat  from Squeelandia = $4.99  #7828


Svanr, the Swan of Victory and Grace

Svanr is your sublime inner warrior.

Svanr can shape-shift from a serene swan to a warrior woman, and back again. She knows the secret hiding place for the swords of victory.   Svanr will help you win your great battles while appearing calm and unruffled.

Svanr the Victory Swan from Squeelandia = $4.99  #7888


Gaja the Mythic Elephant

Gaja will help you overcome all obstacles.

 Gaja has a vast belly full of power and wisdom. Gaja will help you be bold and strong, a wise and royal person.  Gaja will help you find your own strength and worth. Gaja will carry you as you overcome all obstacles.
Gaja the Mythical Elephant from Squeelandia = $4.99  #7887


Cici Cicada

Cici will bring you connection with immortal delight.

Cici Cicada is a symbol of rebirth and joy.  Cicadas sing summer songs with each other creating waves of shimmering sound.  Wear Cici Cicada and know that you are connected with the immortal universe in beauty and delight.

CiCi Cicada from Squeelandia = $4.99  #7833


Bleep the Tiny Martian

Bleep reminds you that it is OK to be different.  

Bleep may look odd to you, but consider this:  he came thousands of light years before crash-landing here at Empire and OUR world is quite strange to him, indeed!  Keep Bleep with you as a reminder that we’re all out of place sometimes and it’s often better to stand out than blend in.

Bleep the Tiny Martian  from Squeelandia = $4.99  #7841

china frog

 Ch’ing-Wa Sheng the Frog

Ch’ing-Wa Sheng is your stress-relieving frog

Ch’ing-Wa Sheng is an ancient Chinese frog spirit who brings good health and good luck!  Wear this lunar yin frog to refresh and balance your energy when solar yang work and stress have left you frazzled. Increase your health, wealth and fortune with Ch’ing-Wa Sheng!

Ch'ing-Wa Sheng the Frog  from Squeelandia = $4.99  #7835


Avis Bird

Avis is the bird of nesting and devotion.

Avis, the little bird, is a symbol of a loving, committed relationship.  Avis will help you attract love, nurture love, and keep love.

Avis Bird  from Squeelandia = $4.99  #7837

Pak Choi

Pak Choi

Pak Choi will bring you 100 kinds of wealth

The pak choi, 白菜 , a variety of Chinese cabbage, is a symbol of good luck.  Phonetically, In Chinese the word pak can mean a hundred, and the word choi can mean wealth. Wear pak choi to attract one hundred kinds of wealth, luck, and prosperity!

Pak Choi = $4.99  #7839


Slim the Tuxedo Cat

Slim will help you get away with what you did.

Slim the tuxedo cat helps you get away with things.  Slim certainly hasn’t been drinking your milk and he knows nothing about those feathers.  Wear Slim and SMILE when you may need to get out of a jam.

Slim the Tuxedo Cat  from Squeelandia = $12.49  #7834


Sunny the Tiger Cat

Sunny is your cat of courage.

Sunny the tiger striped cat helps you find courage.  Sunny has spent most of his life afraid of everything that moved . . . and most things that didn’t.  This little tiger is finally ready to earn his stripes.  He’s on a quest for courage and if you take him with you, he just might lead you there, too.  Sunny is your partner in being unafraid.

Sunny the Tiger Cat  from Squeelandia = $12.49 #7843


Flo the Flower Cat

Flo helps you see the bright side of life.

Flo helps you find the beauty in things.  Where other people see an oil slick, Flo sees a rainbow!  Wear Flo to find joy and magic everywhere.

Flo the Flower Cat from Squeelandia = $12.49  #7844


Lóng, 龍, the Dragon

Lóng, 龍, the dragon is your magical power.

Lóng, 龍 , the Chinese dragon, will bring you power, strength, and good luck.

Long the Dragon $12.49  #7845



The calabash removes negative energy.

The calabash gourd symbolizes healing and protection.  Ancient Chinese physicians used calabashes to capture and absorb negative qi energies that caused illness.  Wear this calabash to remove harmful negativity from your life!

Calabash = $4.99  #7846



Esmeralda brings you calm  in times of crisis.  She glows in the dark!

Esmeralda Mouse helps you think calmly in an emergency.  She glows with desire to help you find your scattered thoughts and focus on what’s important here and now.

Esmeralda Mouse from Squeelandia = $4.99  #7856



Rufus brings you positive action.  He glows in the dark!

Rufus Mouse focuses anger in a positive direction. He glows with desire to help you find your scattered thoughts and focus on what’s important here and now.

Rufus Mouse from Squeelandia = $4.99  #7857



Violetta will help you have a sense of proportion. She glows in the dark!

Violetta Mouse keeps you humble. She glows with desire to help you find your scattered thoughts and focus on what’s important here and now.

Violetta Mouse from Squeelandia = $4.99  #7858



Azuline will help you ponder. She glows in the dark!

Azuline Mouse guides you though the ocean of your deepest thoughts. She glows with desire to help you find your scattered thoughts and focus on what’s important here and now.

Azuline Mouse from Squeelandia = $4.99  # 7859



Dori will help you find opportunities. She glows in the dark!

Dori Mouse will help you find the job of your dreams. She glows with desire to help you find your scattered thoughts and focus on what’s important here and now.

Dori Mouse from Squeelandia $4.99  #7860



Celeste will help you imagine.  She glows in the dark!

Celeste Mouse shows your imagination how to soar. She glows with desire to help you find your scattered thoughts and focus on what’s important here and now.

Celeste Mouse from Squeelandia = $4.99  #7861


Chili Peppers

Chilies announce your new hotness.

When you're hot, you're hot!
No explanation is needed!

Chili Pepper Earrings = $9.99  #7821 



Claude will help you hang on!

Sometimes, it is very difficult to keep going!  Life is challenging, and days can be difficult, but you have to hang on, and not give up. Claude has magical claws that never, never let go. Claude will help you hang on until you achieve your goals.   Claude will help you hang on even when other people discourage you, or when you don't think you can keep hanging on.  Claude will help you capture your dreams.

Claude is about 20 mm, claw to claw.

Claude from Squeelandia = $4.99    #7806

Temporarily sold out.


OmNom will help you feel serene.

OmNom lives in a calm, peaceful, beautiful forest. OmNom invites you to come sit with her and lean up against her, and rest until you feel safe and happy.  She'll share her sweet magic bamboo with you, and you'll feel refreshed and calm.

OmNom is about 18 mm tall.

 OmNom from Squeelandia = $4.99   #7805



Focusch’i will help you focus!  

Focusch'i is trained to focus all of his breath, his mind, and his energy to accomplish things that other people would find impossible.  Focusch'i has magic breath which he holds to help him center his power.  Breathe in deeply, and  Focusch'i will help you find your inner strength and achieve your goals.

Focusch'i is about 25 mm tall.

Focusch'i from Squeelandia = $4.99   #7809



 Auratus watches over you.

Auratus is your good luck fish. She lives in a bag of magic water that can refresh you when you feel burnt out. Auratus will refresh your happiness, love, luck, and abundance. She has her eye on you and is looking out for you.  

Auratus's is about 55mm tall from the bottom to the top of his bag.  

Auratus from Squeelandia = $4.99 #7811



Inkidu’s magic ink will help you write.

Inkidu swims in the wild  creativity of the open seas.  She will lend you her magical ink to write  adventures, legends, poems. Inkidu  will even help you write ordinary things beautifully, and extraordinary things magnificently, because her magic ink makes your words brilliant.  

 Inkidu from Squeelandia = $4.99  #7810



Huffibun will give you a hug!

Everybody needs a hug once in a while, and Huffibun would love to hug you and to make you feel better.  Huffibun has long magical ears to hear all your problems, and a closed magical mouth so she'll never tell anyone else your secrets.   Tell Huffibun all your problems and she'll hug you and tell you she cares about you.

 Huffibun from Squeelandia = $4.99  #7807

Mister Bacpn

Mister Bacon

Mister Bacon will help you work hard and succeed.  

Mister Bacon will pitch in and help when you have hard work to do.  He enjoys work, because he knows how good it feels when the job is done, and you can see how much you've accomplished. His magical shout will encourage you.  His magical bacon grease will help things go smoothly.  He'll help you get the job done.  He brings home the bacon! 

  Mister Bacon from Squeelandia = $4.99  #7804

Momo Mermouse

Momo Mermouse

Momo Mermouse will help you do the impossible!

What could be as impossible as a mermaid mouse?  What could be as beautiful as a mermaid mouse? Mice fear water, but Momo has learned to swim in spite of her fears.  Momo Mermouse will help you reach your impossible and beautiful dreams, and turn your fears into wonderful successes.  Mermouse magic will help you do what other people tell you cannot be done.

Momo Mermouse from Squeelandia = $4.99  #7808

Temporarily sold out.
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William S. Burroughs

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